Mabon: Working a Prosperity Spell

As Mabon approaches we give thanks for the abundance which Earth has bestowed on us. For those who practise magick, it’s also the ideal time for working prosperity/money spells, taking advantage of the energy which accompanies this time of plenty.

I’m still fairly new to practising magick, but it’s always been my intention to write my own spells. Since Mabon is also a time for sharing, I thought it apt timing to share my first spell with you all.

We shouldn’t be greedy when it comes to money, but there usually comes a time in all of our lives when we feel we could use a little more. This spell can be used for those times, but as Mabon is also a time of balance, you must take care to follow the last step of the spell.

A Spell for Prosperity

Time: This spell is best performed on the first night of the full moon

Tools: green candle, a coin (any denomination/currency), 2 basil leaves, small bowl of rock salt

Method: Charge the candle with money energy. Wrap the 2 basil leaves around the coin, then charge the parcel with money energy. Place the parcel within the bowl of rock salt, taking care to fully cover it with the salt, and saying

Fortune of silver and gold, send to me a treasure trove.

Light the candle, whilst saying

By the light of the moon, let the Earth’s riches flow, bringing me more of what I sow.

Allow the candle to burn for 2 minutes, whilst visualising your goal. Blow out the candle. Repeat for each night of the full moon.

Donate to charity, be it money, clothing, or to a food bank. This step is important, as what you give out will always come back to you. This must be done within the timeframe of the spell. A full moon usually lasts 3-4 nights, so once within this period is fine.

There you have it. With the Harvest Moon only a few days away, it’s the ideal time to try it. Remember that sharing the wealth is just as important as receiving it, so don’t forget the last step. Wishing you all a prosperous and plentiful Mabon!

Embrace your inner Autumn

The season is changing and Autumn is almost upon us. My favourite time of year. Crisp days, warm layers and, of course, the obligatory crunching through leaves. 

Yesterday I embraced my inner Autumn in two ways: 

  1. a brisk exercise class in the park
  2. picking up my crochet hook to work on a cosy blanket 

Having had my fourth baby six months ago, I’m really not in the best of shapes. I thought about cutting out the bad foods, but realised my meals are usually healthy enough. Plus, Autumn is the season of hot chocolate and marshmallows! With all the will in the world, I couldn’t give that glorious concoction up! So exercise is the answer! 

I’ll be honest – I’m rubbish at exercising. On the few occasions when I actually have the will to do it, I’m never sure that I’m doing it properly. My coordination is zero, I have terrible posture, and my body just doesn’t bend in certain ways. What I need is someone showing me the best exercises and how to do them. Unfortunately I can’t afford a personal trainer, so an exercise class it had to be.

Not so easy when you have a six month old baby in tow.

A quick internet search pointed me in the direction of buggyfit. These classes take place in parks with a qualified instructor and are specially tailored for post-natal exercising. You can meet mums like yourself and get some fresh air, all whilst keeping fit and not needing to leave your baby with someone. Score! 

So off I trotted, dropping off my biggest wean (aka Mr Sunbeam) at work first. 

Instructor Claire was friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable. It was a crisp, cool morning, with the scent of Autumn approaching. Dogs were walked, children played on the swings, and joggers sped past, all whilst myself and four other mums were put through our paces. My littlest ray sat in her buggy, taking it all in, whilst throwing smiles at anyone who looked in her direction. Halfway through the session I wanted to lie down. Yaasss! That meant it was working. Peeling off my layers, I persuaded my poor body to keep going, and was rewarded at the end by wobbly legs and burning arms – the two key signs of a good workout! 

I walked smartly and smugly back through the park to my car, feeling energised and full of plans for the day. This lasted until I stepped through my front door. Then the wobbly legs persuaded me to sit down and that was the end of my plan to be productive.

When evening came, however, and my four wee rays were tucked in and dreaming, I did something I hadn’t done in about nine months. I pulled out a blanket I had begun to crochet back in November 2016.

Now, I’m fairly new to crochet, but I love it. It is so therapeutic and so satisfying to create something so beautiful. When I was pregnant with my littlest ray, I lost my crafting mojo. Not very helpful when I could have been whiling away the winter months making beautiful baby hats and cardigans.

The blanket is the cosy stripe, designed by Lucy at Attic24. The pattern is so simple, yet so beautiful; the colours so rich and warm – a perfect Autumnal project. Add in some GBBO and Tuesday evenings are sorted! Provided I don’t dribble all over my lovely yarn at the sight of all those tantalising baked goods!

So my plan is to skip off to buggyfit twice a week (thereby cancelling out any cake-eating mishaps), and to complete my cosy stripe blanket in time for Winter.  

Two worthy goals, I think. Stay tuned for progress…