Real Nappy Week 2018: Our Journey with Bambino Mio

Real Nappy Week 2018 kicked off yesterday, so I thought it was a good time to share our family journey with cloth nappies so far. This week I’ll be writing a few different posts on the different nappies that we use. Today is all about Bambino Mio.

10 years ago we found out we were expecting our first child. From the minute we started discussing what we would need, we knew we were going to use cloth nappies. It just felt like the next step in our eco journey, and I don’t think we even considered using disposables. My family thought we were mad:

  • It would be more hassle. It wasn’t.
  • It wasn’t very hygienic. Wrong!
  • It was actually WORSE for the environment, as we had to think of all the extra washing we would need to do. Wrong again!

We did our research and decided to go with Bambino Mio two-part nappies. They are a British company, which was one of our criteria, but they are also one of the biggest worldwide suppliers of cloth nappies, as well as winners of over 50 awards. They seemed a good solid brand to go with, and we weren’t disappointed!

The miosoft consists of a cotton rectangular nappy and a PUL cover. The nappy can be folded in different ways, depending on the sex of your baby and how heavy a wetter they are. The cover is wipeable, so can be used more than once before washing if it’s just a pee. It has a velcro fastening, which makes changing a wriggly baby that bit easier. We also used disposable liners, which made the messy poo changes less messy!

We purchased 24 nappies, and 15 covers in 3 different sizes to start us off, and we began using them when our biggest ray was 3 days old. We used this same set for our next 2 children too. We did purchase some new covers, as we had 2 at a time in nappies for about 2 and a half years.

We thought we were done having babies, so the nappies were given to a charity shop that specialised in baby items. Our littlest-middle was 3 and a half, and had been toilet trained for a year, so off they went.

A month later we discovered I was expecting our littlest ray.

After the initial shock had worn off, we turned our attention to practicalities. Again, we knew from the start that we would be using cloth nappies, but this time we thought we’d have a look at the birth-to-potty nappies. There were so many different brands and types on the market, so I researched as many as I could, spoke to people who used the different brands, plus bought a few different ones to try. I was even dreaming about cloth nappies!

Bambino Mio had brought out the miosolo by this point, so I bought a few in the Aldi baby event, as they were a brand that we trusted. One of the great things about the miosolo is that it is so easily accessible. I’ve bought them direct from Bambino Mio, but I’ve also found them in Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and as already mentioned, Aldi.

The miosolo is a pocket nappy, with the insert attached at one end – this makes assembly super simple! The insert folds out to make drying even quicker.

It has poppers running down the front, which are used to adjust the size/rise of the nappy. The velcro fastening can be tightened and angled to adjust the leg openings.

Some nappy sites say that the miosolo is a bulky nappy, but I’ve actually found it to be one of the slimmer fitting ones. As your child grows, you will need to boost it to contain the heavier floods of pee, but I’ve found this is the case with all of my nappies. I’d recommend a bamboo booster, as they are known for soaking up the most moisture. We also switched to fleecy, washable liners, as a way of further reducing our waste.

Same nappy, same baby, one year later

Our journey with Bambino Mio has evolved as our family has grown. We’ve gone with what suited us best, as well as availability at the time. The brand has gone from the simple white covers to the vibrant beautiful prints that have flooded the market today. Never has a baby’s bottom been so colourful! Just one more incentive to give cloth a go…

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