Whimsical Wednesday: Spring Invitations

Today my children and I spotted the first shoots of the Spring bulbs that we planted back in September. It seems hard to believe, given that we celebrated the shortest day less than three weeks ago! In another three weeks we celebrate Imbolc, the first day of Spring. At this time of year I usually turn my thoughts to Spring cleaning, DIY jobs around the house and (my favourite) gardening.

As I was researching Imbolc and the different ways we can celebrate it, I was delighted to find that I already did most of them, year after year. The pagan in me has clearly been there all along! In the run up to Imbolc, I decided to compile a wee list of activities/jobs that will prepare me for the arrival of Spring.

  1. Light candles to welcome back the light. (These can be battery operated ones – essential for when my little rays are about.)
  2. Clean all corners of the house. Blow those cobwebs away and prepare for new beginnings.
  3. Reorganise areas of the house to maximise order. (Also known as organised chaos in our house!)
  4. Organise routines/schedules and regularly review them.
  5. Soak in a herb and milk bath as a way of cleansing the body.
  6. Plant seeds, both indoors and out – welcome new growth.
  7. Set up a mini altar, using appropriate items to depict the season/festival. (I’ll be using my new celebration ring for this.)
  8.  Talk about the life cycle of a plant with my children. Look at age appropriate activities to further enhance their learning.
  9. Bake a seed cake.
  10. Create a family Spring-themed mood board. 
  11. Take a trip to the walled garden in our local park. Look out for signs of Spring approaching. 
  12. Cast a growth spell, in order that our growing season will prove fertile.
  13. Read Tree by Britta Teekentrup – a wonderful book that depicts the changing seasons.
  14. Talk about the goddess Brigid and her significance in the natural world.

    This is just a snapshot of the things I can do to prepare for the new season. I’m sure as the days pass, I’ll add more to the list. As will my children – they like to get involved and we spend many a school run discussing the finer details! I’m really looking forward to celebrating Imbolc, but for now I can get on with my preparations and embrace the coming of Spring and the promise of new life. 

    What are your Springtime rituals?

    2 thoughts on “Whimsical Wednesday: Spring Invitations

    1. So lovely to think about spring, but I won’t see any signs of it for at least 2 to 3 months. I spring clean, plan my garden and the changes that need doing, but all of these will be just a dream for now. Enjoy your spring.


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