The Wishing Spell

One of our winter activities this week was to write a wish and then perform a wishing spell. I was super excited about this, as it was to be our first ever spell! Having only just begun to explore my inner pagan (or witchiness) I wanted the first spell to be extra special. What could be more special than invoking the spirits to grant us a special favour?

By happy accident, we cast our spell on  the first day before the new moon. The new moon is a time for new beginnings; a time for planting seeds and watching them grow. Perfect timing for a wishing spell!

We started out by each drawing a pentacle on a scrap piece of paper (as way of summoning the elements) and then writing our wish on the other side. My kids were really excited about this bit, and all knew exactly what they wanted to write. I suggested they kept their wishes a secret, so as to further increase the magick. We then folded our pieces of paper into three – three representing the beginning, middle and end (the completed wish.) 

Once we had completed this stage, we moved to the garden for the next phase. My husband had already set up our tiny bucket BBQ. He then set to work with the flint and steel to get a small fire burning. He could have used a match, but he felt that the flint and steel were more in keeping with the ritual.

Once the flames were crackling merrily, we each took our written wish and tossed it on the fire. 

I had been looking for inspiration on Pinterest (where else?!) and came across some words to say when casting a wishing spell. (Being our first one, I didn’t want to risk saying the wrong thing. As I perform more spells, I hope to become more confident in writing my own words for them.) We all closed our eyes and envisaged our wish coming true. Then we recited the following words:

May this fire represent thee, as I place this desire in the flame shall my need be seen. Fulfil my need as quick as can be, by the power of three bring the need to me, so mote it be.”

We let the paper burn and set the wishes free. The children danced around the garden, free of inhibition and giddy with exhilaration.

Only time will tell if our spell was successful. Until then, we can bask in the warmth of the time we spent together, the fun we had, and the whisper of magick brewing…

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