Whimsical Wednesday: Lotsa Lists!

Welcome to the first instalment of Whimsical Wednesday here at Sunbeams and Sass! These posts will include any whimsy that takes my fancy – be it a list, seasonal antics, or crafty things!

I’m going to kick things off with a list. I love lists, and have been making them since I could hold a pencil. Even though they trick me into thinking I’m organised, I wouldn’t be without them. I have notebooks full of lists stashed all over the house. They help me organise my thoughts, as well as my tasks; if I didn’t use them, my brain would be fried! I write to-do lists and include stuff I’ve already done, just so that I can score them off! I know I’m not alone in that sneaky wee tactic! Anything to feel a sense of achievement, even if it’s merely to say that I put the clean washing away…although come to think of it, that’s a pretty huge feat in our house…

My lists take many different forms:

  • illegible scrawls on old receipts
  • neater scribbles in plain notebooks/jotters
  • categorised inventories beautifully inscribed in exquisite journals

There are less of the latter and more of the former, but there is something therapeutic about taking the time to write something out artistically. Thanks to the digital age, pen and paper are used less frequently nowadays, but to me they bring a hint of nostalgia. I get ridiculously excited over a new notebook and pen!

Today’s list is a list of…well…lists! There are so many lists I want to make, that I need to write them all down. I was trying to find out the name given to someone obsessed with lists – the best I could find was a ‘listophile’. Works for me! 

My list of lists reads (to date) as follows:

  • books to read (this one grows on a daily basis)
  • recipes to try
  • cakes to bake (separate from recipes, as I do love to bake!)
  • films to watch (and which ones to see after I’ve read the book)
  • television shows to watch
  • cloth nappies I want my littlest ray to try
  • ways to be more eco friendly/produce less waste
  • cleaning jobs in each room of the house
  • DIY jobs in each room of the house
  • plants/veg/herbs to grow in our garden
  • places I want to visit (both locally and abroad)
  • skills I’d like to learn/hone
  • crochet projects
  • knitting projects
  • sewing projects
  • clothes I want to make for myself
  • festivities throughout the year and the different ways they are celebrated
  • craft projects to do with my children
  • gift ideas for family and friends
  • cocktails I’d like to make (and drink)
  • restaurants to dine in
  • ways to embrace hygge
  • things I’d do if/when I win the lottery
  • natural beauty products I want to make
  • summer fun with my children
  • books I want to read with my children
  • winter projects/fun with my children
  • different ways to be spiritual
  • self-care
  • date ideas for my husband and I (both at home and on the rare occasions we get to go out)
  • budgeting/saving ideas
  • ways to show my husband how much I love him (he knows, but I like to show it with little gestures)
  • general bucket list
  • party ideas
  • ways to increase confidence in my children
  • ditto confidence in myself
  • classes to do with my littlest ray
  • routines
  • exercises to try
  • meal plans
  • favourite words
  • blog posts I want to write

This is just a snapshot of the lists I have floating around in my head, taking up room! None of them are ever complete, as there are always new discoveries to make, new titbits of information for us to chew over. I’ll keep adding to my lists, as well as my list of lists. I’m always on the lookout for new lists to make. What are your favourite lists to write? Feel free to share them in the comments (this is a sharing kind of place!) Happy listing!

9 thoughts on “Whimsical Wednesday: Lotsa Lists!

  1. I think my lists are more general , maybe it would be a good idea to make them more narrow in their scope, that way I might actually get to cross things off(the real fun part) and they wouldn’t seem so overwhelming so now I need to make a list of different lists to sort the ones I already have, I have recipes to try so now I can break it down to:, desserts, cookies, meals, breads and the list goes on!

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