Written in the Stars

When I was younger, I was fascinated with astrology. I loved sneaking a peek at the horoscopes in my Papa’s newspaper, eager to see what the stars were predicting for me. Would I be lucky in love that week?  A big ask at thirteen… 

Growing up in a Catholic family, however, I was told that it was “a sin” to believe in the signs of the zodiac. Even though I was taught that it was wrong, I couldn’t help but believe. So many things seemed to click into place. Felt right. I couldn’t let it go.

Part of the reason for this was that the traits of a typical Piscean (my star sign) could have been written specifically for me. I’m an easy-going romantic, with a strong sixth sense; an emotional, introverted dreamer with a dark side. Being a water sign (I like to think of myself as a mermaid), I tend to go with the flow, although the stormy seas do rise up if I’m provoked enough. I can also be indecisive, irrational and am prone to vulnerability. 

Now this could just be a fluke. After all, there were many people all over the world born at the same time of the year as me. Are we all the same? Unlikely. But it’s not impossible. Having similar traits doesn’t necessarily mean we are identical. Some characteristics could be more prevalent in certain people, while dormant in others. For example, I have a strong sixth sense, but more in the sense of a gut feeling than ‘the sight’. I’m also an introvert, but quite outgoing when with my close friends.

I decided that in order to see how much weight I should give to astrology, I should look into the different signs that my family were born under.

My husband and my biggest ray are fiery Saggitarians and they share most of the typical traits. Both are generous and sincere. They are both philosophers and passionate about their interests. They can also be impatient and tactless, although their lack of tact is more to do with the fact that they are very honest, rather than intending to cause hurt. These similarities could merely be put down to the fact that they are father and son, yet I like to think that there is more to it than that.

If this were the case, it could be assumed that (being girls) my two middle rays are like me. We do share traits, but since Pisceans share traits with ALL the signs, this was always going to be the case. 

My biggest-middle is a Libra, and again seems to be typical of her sign. Intuitive, light-hearted and sociable, she also loves physical activity. This is important to the air signs, as it keeps them grounded, instead of constantly floating in the higher planes. She knows when she needs more sleep/water/exercise, in order to stay balanced. This need for balance can also make her hesitant to try out new things, even when she loves the idea of them.

It’s interesting to note that the air signs are drawn to earth signs, as another way of keeping themselves grounded. My littlest-middle is an earthy Capricorn. She is receptive to her sister’s communicative nature, and although they do argue (show me sisters who don’t) they get along very well. She is intelligent (learning to write at the age of three), self-sufficient (will happily entertain herself if her siblings are otherwise occupied), and is persistent to a fault! 

My littlest ray is a Piscean, like me. At not-quite-nine-months, she is still too young to tell whether or not she is typical of the sign. It will be interesting to watch her grow, and find out which traits she most identifies with, if any!

Cynics may say that I could take any of the signs and match the characteristics to anyone I know; that I could pick and choose as I please. They may be right. We will always see what we really want to see if we look hard enough. We will only ever see fault in someone we dislike. When in the first flush of love, we only see the good qualities. Life works in the same way though. We pick and choose what suits us at any given moment – often contradicting ourselves as we move through life.

I have taken my fascination with the zodiac and worked it into my everyday life. In doing so though, I feel like I know my beautiful little family on a whole new level. Paying attention to the signs that they were each born under gives me that extra bit of insight into how they work. That can surely only be a good thing. Even if it’s all in my head. At least I get to be a mermaid…

*image from josephinewall.co.uk via Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Written in the Stars

  1. Thank you! It’s not so much that I believe in horoscopes as predictions. More that I can see how being born under a particular sign can play a part in who you are. Some traits are stronger in others. It would be interesting to look at the personality tests of twins/triplets, and see how/if they differ!

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