Cocktails and Sustainability

Today is my biggest-middle ray’s birthday. Her seventh birthday, to be precise. Now, a bit about my little pixie (as she is known to us.) 

My beautiful girl is clever, sharp, sensitive, and has a wit that far exceeds her seven years. She worries about the small things (as well as the big) to the point where we joke she’ll make a great risk-assessment officer one day! She has an eye for detail and already has her own quirky style when it comes to fashion.

She is also (at the tender age of seven) a lover of cocktails! Or rather mocktails, before social work start knocking on my door! 

When I was pregnant with my littlest ray, my friends and family very kindly threw me a baby shower, complete with mocktails. My wee pixie was in her element. She loved trying out the different flavour combinations, along with the obligatory garnishes. Not so long ago she asked if she could have a mocktail in the bath, and some cucumber slices for her eyes! High maintenance? Perhaps. A lover of the finer things in life? Definitely.

For her birthday, she requested a Grimms rainbow and we were happy to oblige. I’ve spoken before about trying to live a more eco-friendly life, and how we’re encouraging the children to move away from the plastic toys that they see advertised.

Grimms toys are made using sustainable materials and are used to ignite imagination. In the same way that a set of wooden blocks can become a castle, or used for counting, a Grimms rainbow can be used for stacking, sorting or being made into a doll’s house.

Well. Our wee pixie took Grimms to a whole new level this morning. She made a cocktail bar for her Waldorf dwarfs. Complete with loos.

Her wee creation made me think about the things we enjoy versus sustainability. A lot of people (mistakenly) believe that it’s impossible to marry the two. There can be a sense of the martyr about some eco-warriors. Not all, but a fair few. 

This needn’t be the case. With more and more micro-businesses out there, it’s easier to buy local, ethical products. Cocktail lover? There are spirits aplenty that are locally and ethically produced, so no need to give up that well-earned raspberry mojito!

A sunbeam in a world of plastic and waste, the above picture goes to show that not only is imagination a wonderful thing, but that you don’t have to give up the finer things in life when you go eco! Especially if you’re a Waldorf dwarf, enjoying a tipple in a pastel cocktail bar! 

Cocktails and sustainability? Yes please!

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