Sunbeams are lovely little pockets of light, which illuminate anything they touch. I like to think of life as being full of sunbeams. It isn’t always sunny – thunder clouds can roll in when we least expect them; fog can engulf us; rain will lash down, making our feet soggy and heavy. 

But then a soft breeze will blow the clouds away, revealing rainbows and sunbeams – beautiful little pockets of colour and warmth. Love, laughter, moments in time forever carved in our memories. These vary in depth – from the birth of a baby to indulging in a favourite cake; climbing a mountain to snuggling under a soft blanket.

I’m Mags, SAHM to four wee rays of light. Being a SAHM is full of happy memories-in-the-making, although my feet do get soggy from time to time. I like to do crafty things, some with my children, some without. I was a teacher before I had my children, and I may teach again one day. For now though I’m embarking on the role of blogger. This blog is to be my log of sunbeams. With a pinch of sass! 


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